How To Get Your Child Excited About Braces

Getting your child excited about braces is not the easiest of conversations to have. Here’s how you can go about it.


Braces are essential for orthodontic treatment procedures; however, they can sometimes be uncomfortable for children while eating or flossing. As such,  

Ease their fears with a pre-visit to your orthodontist

Accompanying your child to the orthodontist before braces installation goes a long way in calming their fears. Different treatment options are discussed, and both of you are advised on how to adapt to a life with braces. Be sure to get all your questions answered.

Consider throwing a before-braces party

Not all foods are braces-friendly, and most children view this as a colossal inconvenience. Indulge your child with the foods they will be avoiding and invite a few friends to add to the fun.

Show your child braces testimonials

Showing your child before and after photos of people who had braces shows them what to expect after their braces treatment and look forward to it. Document their braces journey so that they see the progress they are making.

Give them a chance to choose the rubber band colors

By choosing their favorite colors, children get to like the braces they are wearing. Also, this makes them feel part of the decision making process. Further, give them an option of changing the band color every time you visit the orthodontist. With the wide array of colors available, they can choose to have different themes for different seasons. Engaging in something fun after the orthodontist visit will make them look forward to these appointments rather than dread them.

Getting braces for your child does not have to be an experience you dread. Feel free to contact us, and we will address any fears that you may have.

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