How to Tell if Braces are Needed

Braces or no braces… Here’s how you can tell if braces are needed.

Orthodontic problems can lead to the development of oral health problems if not addressed in a timely manner. Symptoms ought to be identified early enough, which explains why visits to the orthodontist are vital from an early age. Here’s how to tell if braces are needed:-

Overcrowded Teeth

This is one of the most common symptoms that prompts people to seek orthodontic help. The crowding of teeth occurs when there is insufficient space for the teeth to fit perfectly, and as a result, some overlap each other or sit sideways. A perfect way of diagnosing if you have crowded teeth is through flossing. If you experience difficulty in sliding the floss between the teeth, it is most likely that your teeth are overcrowded.

Bite Issues or Malocclusion

Bite refers to how your upper and lower teeth are positioned when your mouth is closed. This condition is often overlooked, but if unattended, it can lead to irregular wearing out of teeth and jaw problems. Severe bite issues may also impede the speech.

Large Spaces Between the Teeth

Spaces can be as a result of small teeth or missing teeth, which can lead to impaired functioning of the jaws or your bite. The exposed gum tissue between the teeth is predisposed to infections, inflammation, and plaque. Braces installation will not only enhance your smile but also avert these problems.

Jaw Pain

The most common cause of jaw pain is the temporomandibular joint disorder. This is a general term for conditions affecting facial nerves, jaw muscles, and TM joints. Jaw pain can be as a result of misalignment, a condition that braces can rectify.

We have two types of braces from which you can choose, that is, metallic and ceramic braces. They have lately become very popular as they are less noticeable. Book an appointment with us if some of the conditions above describe you. Though braces can be challenging, we strive to make the journey enjoyable, with the end result being a healthier and more beautiful you!

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