A Guide To Holiday Snacking For Braces-Wearers

How do you get through the holidays without risking damage to your braces?

Celebrating the holidays means the emergence of delicious snacks and treats laid out everywhere you go. Having braces means carefully assessing everything that goes into your mouth due to the potential of getting food caught in them. This means thinking twice about having a piece of the tempting caramel candies you used to enjoy. How do you get through the holidays without risking damage to your braces?

What To Avoid

Say goodbye to chocolate-covered popcorn, pecan pie, and candy apples. All of these things could potentially get caught in your hardware. It’s not worth risking breaking off one of your brackets just to enjoy a handful of cashews.

Some foods items to avoid include:

  • Raisins
  • Sticky and Hard Candy
  • Desserts full of nuts

Even healthier food options present you with hazards, including:

  • Fruit you bite into
  • Whole raw vegetables
  • Granola bars

What To Enjoy

This doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to sit glumly on the side while everyone else enjoys themselves. Just use a little creativity to enjoy some of your favorite foods. Instead of biting right into a crispy apple, cut it up into smaller pieces to make it easier to chew. Dip them in chocolate or yogurt to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

Here are some other types of treats you can enjoy:

  • Chocolate-covered kale chips
  • Delicious parfaits
  • Gelatin desserts

Indulge With Caution

Don’t ruin your holidays with a painful orthodontic malfunction. Have your braces checked out regularly for any loose wires or brackets. Ask your orthodontist for other tips to keep in mind when enjoying the holiday season.

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