Tips for Protecting Your Teeth with Braces

Here are a few tips for protecting teeth with braces


Braces are invaluable in orthodontic treatment; they help straighten teeth helping you achieve a better smile and a firmer bite grip. Without proper care, it is easy for food particles to get stuck on the wires and brackets that make up the braces. Also, these particles turn into corrosive acids that strip the teeth of essential minerals leading to tooth decay.

Here are a few tips for protecting teeth with braces;

Observe proper dental hygiene

With braces on, you will need to take your dental hygiene a notch higher as it is easy for food particles to be trapped between the brackets. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and clean around the wires. While at it, take time to remove all the trapped plaque and debris.

Go for regular orthodontic check-ups

Regular orthodontic check ups will help treat any issues with your teeth before they escalate.  Also, you can book an emergency appointment if you feel any pain, or discomfort, on the gum, face or mouth.

Avoid foods and habits that strain your braces

While sticky foods could easily get lodged in your braces, hard foods could bend or break them. Among the foods to avoid include candy, chewing gum, hard cookies, and nuts. Remember to consult your orthodontist to advise you on other foods you should avoid.  Further, habits such as nail biting or picking at the braces’ wires can damage them.

Finally, adopt a teeth friendly diet and follow your orthodontist recommendations on any cleaning aides or interdental brushes.  At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we take the time to address any of your concerns on your journey towards attaining a perfect smile. Contact us at 703 750 0147 and book your appointment.

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