National Tooth Fairy Day

Mayday! Mayday! August 22nd we celebrate our favorite tooth collector; the famous Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy

She is so amazing that we get to celebrate her twice annually. We did it in February, and we do it again this month. The tooth fairy must be a pretty big deal to have two holidays in a year. Well, she is!

On the same scale, when your child loses a milk tooth, it is a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated.  Leaving presents from Tooth Fairy is an ideal way to make losing teeth less scary and possibly fun for kids. Parents can take this opportunity to discuss good oral health with the children. After all, nothing makes Tooth Fairy, happier than healthy teeth.

Now back to business, let’s have a glance at Tooth Fairy’s spending habits in the recent past. She has, been quite generous as you are about to see.

  • In 2014 she increased the average amount she left under pillows by 88 cents compared to the previous year. She left a cool $4.38 that year.
  • Tooth Fairy celebrates the first tooth more, and she left $5.74 under the pillow for first-timers.
  • We also discovered that 32% of dads assisted Tooth Fairy in her rounds. Yes, you heard right, Tooth Fairy loves dads too.
  • Tooth Fairy also doesn’t always leave dollars. In some homes, she leaves toothbrushes to help kids achieve better dental health, books, and toys.

As we brace ourselves for this month’s festivity, you could try out some new ideas to make your child’s Tooth Fairy experience memorable.  

You can have Tooth Fairy leave a note or a personalized certificate with an encouraging message. Ideally, the message should give your little one a sense of accomplishment and inspire them to keep taking care of their beautiful smiles.  

Get in touch with us today for more tips about making your Tooth Fairy day special.

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