5 Things To Know Before Choosing an Invisalign Orthodontist 

Choosing an orthodontist is a big deal, whether you’re planning to use their orthodontic services for yourself or your children. As with any other type of service, you want to know that you’re getting the best treatment available at a cost that you can afford & the practice accepts your insurance. You should always give time to yourself to carefully research an orthodontist to make the best out of your orthodontic treatment. 

5 Things To Know Before Choosing an Orthodontist For Invisalign

1. Check Online Reviews

When you want to search for an orthodontist for Invisalign, an online search will give you the best results. An orthodontist with positive reviews from the patients is the one for you. Try to look for an orthodontist with reviews stating about the customized treatment approach. Online reviews & feedback on their website can tell you a lot about the practice.

2. Are they Experienced in Invisalign?

It can be determined by how many cases of Invisalign an orthodontist has addressed, which will be shown on the Invisalign provider’s website. You should also consider which tier the providers have from bronze to diamond, which is decided based on the number of cases the provider has completed that year.

3. What Type of Equipment & Technology do They Use in Their Office?

Certain technologies can make the Invisalign treatment process much more simplified for the patient. Digital x-rays can be read by an Alexandria orthodontist instantly after taking them. The radiation amount is also much lower than older film x-rays. 3-D digital image scanners make models of the bites of the patient’s teeth in minutes and are much more relaxed and accurate than the traditional impressions of gummy molds used to manufacture Invisalign trays.

4. How Close is the Invisalign Provider to your Home?

Convenience is the most crucial factor when determining which provider to use. Occasional dental office visits between 1 to 3 months are needed to prepare the teeth and monitor the status of your ongoing orthodontic treatment.

5. Does the Office Surroundings Make You Feel Comfortable?

Invisalign clear aligner treatments depending on the severity of your case can take over a year, and it is essential to choose a dental office where you feel comfortable at home and where you are assured about receiving better care. If a dental office is far from your home due to some reasons you tend to delay the appointment, but with a nearby dental office, you can quickly visit even in the middle of your busy schedule, as it is just 10 to 15 minutes to drive.

Choose an Orthodontist For Invisalign In Alexandria

Orthodontic treatment Invisalign clear aligners can treat several dental issues. Therefore, choosing an expert orthodontist is a crucial decision that you should never make in a hurry. With patience and careful research, you can find a local orthodontist in Alexandria who offers trustworthy, professional oral care service that supports your dental and financial affairs. At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we can provide you with all that you need in an orthodontist for Invisalign. We understand your smile is very important to you & that’s why we offer a comprehensive orthodontic Invisalign clear aligner in Alexandria for you. Contact us to schedule your appointment or for a one-on-one consultation.