What Are The 9 Benefits Of Invisalign?

Invisalign is the one orthodontic treatment with many things to offer, along with a beautiful straight smile. Unlike other teeth straightening treatments, Invisalign is the only orthodontic treatment designed especially for teens & adults. Let’s look at the nine benefits of Invisalign clear aligners.

1. Attractive Appearance

All the orthodontic treatments were designed to provide the wearer with a straight smile that improves the bite. Invisalign aligners give a straight smile and offer an attractive smile, which is healthy & white. 

2. No Cuts Inside the Mouth

Braces have metal wires & brackets, which cause discomfort to the wearer in many ways. One annoying thing about the metal braces is the poking wire. The ends of the metal wires can cut the inside of your mouth. So they need to be tiled, cut out the extra part, or use dental wax to make the edges soft. With Invisalign, you do not have to face such issues as it doesn’t have any metal wire to poke your mouth.

3. Easy to Remove for Eating & Drinking

Invisalign provides you the benefit of metal braces for removing the trays while eating & drinking, making it more comfortable for the wearer to eat & drink the food they like. Metal wires get fixed once you decide to get the traditional way of teeth straightening. So, now you have to eat & drink wearing the metal wires, which can cause difficulty eating a particular food.

4. Minimal discomfort

Invisalign is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer, so whenever you feel the need to remove them, you can remove them effortlessly. You do not have to change your lifestyle, eating, or oral hygiene habits while aligning your teeth with Invisalign.

5. Shorter course of treatment

One of the reasons why Invisalign is preferred over other orthodontic treatments is that they have a short duration of treatment. Invisalign can treat issues like crooked teeth, spaced, misaligned teeth, & even bite topics, too, in just a short period compared to other orthodontic treatments.

6. A good treatment for teens & adults

Everybody wants to have a straight smile, even if they are in their 30s or 40s. At Perfect Smiles Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign for teens & adults to help people of all ages to have a straight smile. Invisalign for teens & adults is customized explicitly with clear aligners as per the individual’s need. Invisalign for teens comes with an indicator indicating how long the aligners were worn. Teens are less responsible than adults, so it becomes necessary for orthodontists to monitor their progress.

7. Aligners are Virtually Invisible

When the metal & ceramic braces were the only options, patients avoided getting orthodontic treatment because they were more concerned about their appearance. Who would want to be seen with a mouth full of metal wires? That’s why a discreet orthodontic treatment of Invisalign clear aligners was introduced. Invisalign is made of a thermoplastic material called SmartTrack, which is compatible with the human body. 

8. No Food Restrictions

Invisalign aligners need to be removed while eating or drinking anything other than water. There are no wires & brackets, so it becomes easy for the wearer to chew the food normally. There is no metal in the mouth. You do not have to worry about getting the food stuck in the braces. You can eat anything you like without having to restrict some food.

9. No Emergency Dental Visits

If you will eat something hard, and crispy, or brush harshly on your braces, there are chances that you might lose the bracket or may break the wire. Because of this, you will have to visit your orthodontist for an emergency visit. But this is not the case with Invisalign, as there are no wires or brackets and no chances of any emergency dental visits.

10. Better Oral Health

Invisalign offers oral health benefits as well. When you undergo teeth straightening treatment, you tend to follow more oral hygiene & with Invisalign, you wear the aligners 22 hours a day which keeps your teeth free from bacteria. And you only remove them to clean your teeth, which provides you with better oral hygiene.

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