The Ultimate Preparation Guide for Getting Braces

Getting braces? Here is your ultimate preparation guide!

Deciding to correct your smile with braces is just the first step in the process. Following this handy guide will help you understand what to expect at each point. You’ll enter with a good understanding of what’s going to happen and help ensure you get the best possible outcome.

1. Find a Good Orthodontist

The path to getting braces starts with a visit to your dentist to confirm your need for orthodontics. They can provide you with recommendations of an orthodontist in your area. You can also consult your insurance company or ask other friends and family for doctors with whom they’ve had a good experience. Schedule an appointment for an examination with them and go over your options.

2. Decide Which Style Suits You Best

You have different options when it comes to styles of braces.

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Ceramic braces

Many adults feel more comfortable getting ceramic braces over metal ones. They find them more suitable for their daily lifestyle. Ceramic braces can be transparent or dyed to match your natural tooth color.

3. Know What to Expect From the Procedure

Once you arrive, your orthodontist prepares your teeth by cleaning and drying them thoroughly. They’ll then begin applying adhesive before attaching each bracket. A wire gets inserted through the brackets and secured by tightening them and adding additional rubber bands.  

4. Understand Proper Care of Your Braces

You should continue maintaining good oral hygiene as long as you’re wearing your braces. Continue brushing and flossing your teeth each day. It’s also a good idea to avoid foods like popcorn or candy that might get stuck within your brackets.

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