5 Health Benefits of Braces

Did you know that there are considerable health benefits of braces?

Do you have distorted teeth? Have you been in pursuit of a correction mechanism for misshapen teeth?

Orthodontic treatment is a remedy for crowded and crooked teeth and is medically known as malocclusion. Most patients are started on braces at the beginning of the treatment process for a designated period. In the course of the treatment, a little discomfort is expected although the contemporary braces are more comfortable compared to the previous braces. The braces of today exert mild force to move the teeth and often require little or no adjustments. A balanced diet is an indispensable component for a patient on braces and avoiding snacks in between meals. Proper oral hygiene and regular brushing of teeth as prescribed by the dentist is equally of great significance. Some foods may be excluded from your diet by your doctor considering disturbing implications they could have on the braces like bending of the wires.

Braces may appear to be burdensome and inconvenient, but it is of inestimable importance presenting with numerous benefits such as;

Preventing gum diseases – Improper care of teeth and gums can predispose you to gum diseases and could be an alarm of trouble to your mouth. Braces come in handy by ascertaining the spaces in between your teeth do not make your brushing and flossing difficult. Food particles may lodge in between teeth and lead to more dangerous gum maladies without the brace’s straightening ability.

Preventing tooth decay – Improper brushing of teeth also result in tooth decay, a significant hurdle in tooth care. The small crevices accumulate bacteria and bring about acid build up which subsequently corrodes the protective enamel.

Helping in digestion – Mastication is compromised in people with misaligned teeth, and so food is not physically broken down into tiny bits. The big chunks are problematic for the stomach to digest hence affecting digestion.

Preventing injury – The projected teeth of the upper jaw are more susceptible to breakage during accidents. Braces ensure straightened teeth preventing injuries during accidents related to sports, falling, and car crashes.

Preventing bone erosion – Misaligned teeth also present with bone erosions. Braces reduce the vulnerability of the bones to erosion when they realign the teeth.

Braces have a plethora of positive implications as compared to limitations as you can see.  Having correctly aligned teeth does not only help in your general oral health but also useful in keeping a pretty smile on your face. It is something worth smiling about, and we are available to minister to your needs and answer your questions when you contact us through our office phone number or email address.

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