The Ultimate Guide to Getting Braces

Here is your ultimate guide to getting braces!

Many people view receiving braces as a rite of passage during their teenage years. Unfortunately, braces also cause a significant amount of stress for patients and their parents. What do people need to know about getting braces?

Why do People Need Braces?

Braces are used to move the teeth into alignment to straighten the rows of teeth and their smile. There are numerous dental benefits to straightening the teeth including having an easier time eating, an easier time brushing, and ensuring that teeth don’t crowd each other out and disrupt growth. In addition, straightening the smile can improve people’s confidence and self-esteem.

How are Braces Applied?

During the office visit, your orthodontist will discuss the reasons for receiving braces and approximate the amount of time the braces will be needed for. On the procedure day, brackets will be applied to the teeth and the wires will be put in place. The wires will be tightened to slowly move the teeth into alignment. The wires will create some mild discomfort initially; however, patients will adjust to the wires and the pain will go away gradually. The wires will gradually be tightened over the course of the treatment duration until the teeth are in place.

How are Braces Cared For?

It is important that people take the time every day to care for their braces to ensure that cavities do not form underneath the brackets and wires. Flossing becomes a necessity and some people also invest in other treatments, such as the water pick, to prevent buildup underneath the brackets. Patients are also encouraged to avoid certain foods that can stick to the teeth and damage the enamel underneath the braces.

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