How to Tell if Your Child Needs Braces

Do you know how to tell if your child needs braces or not?

When your child is having problems with his or her teeth, it becomes quite confusing as well as intimidating since in most cases it is hard to know which steps to take. According to most orthodontists, parents have a problem knowing when their child needs braces or even the right time to take them to see an orthodontist. Be sure to know when the right time to visit an orthodontist is, as well as how to tell if your child will benefit from braces.

Signs that will help you know your kid needs braces?

If you are not an orthodontist or a dentist, there are various signs that will guide you on how to tell if your child needs braces. Some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Difficulty when it comes to biting or chewing.
  • Abnormal loss of teeth. Meaning a child may lose teeth either earlier than expected or later than usual.
  • Clogged teeth or in some cases the teeth are not placed in their right position.
  • Crowding of teeth. This means that there is not enough space for all teeth, thus the teeth look crooked.
  • Teeth and jaws protruding such that they are not comparative to the face.
  • An overbite or crossbite. An overbite simply means that the teeth are overlapping either vertically or horizontally, whereas a crossbite is where the lower tooth is in front of the upper tooth.
  • An open bite which in most cases causes speech problems. An open bite is where all the front teeth are not close to each other.

With the above signs in mind, you can tell whether your child needs braces or not

What to do next

After finding out your child needs braces, you will need to know which types of braces.

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