What Are Ceramic Braces?

If you’re familiar with metal braces, ceramic braces are very similar in the way they work and how they’re designed. There are some key differences. Metal braces are far more noticeable. The brace is made of metal and glued on the front of the teeth. Metal wires are then inserted through the brackets. The braces function to help your teeth gradually straighten, over time.

Ceramic braces are clear in color and far less noticeable because they blend in with the color of your teeth. The wires are also made to be less noticeable to the eye. They function in much the same way as traditional braces but there are a few differences.

The difference between metal and ceramic braces

Ceramic braces can be an excellent option when you’re concerned about the appearance of braces. They work in the same way as traditional braces but, because they’re clear in color, they aren’t as eye-catching from far away. Most alignment issues that can be treated with traditional metal braces can also be treated with ceramic, but there may be some cases where an orthodontist would recommend metal braces instead.

Metal braces are stronger and may serve better for certain issues. Ceramic brackets can break more frequently, which means that the bracket would need to be replaced during visits to the orthodontist. This is a minor inconvenience but it can mean that the straightening process will take longer.

Because there are often fewer replacement issues that would delay straightening, the process with metal braces can be shorter, depending on your specific bite. Metal braces may also be slightly less expensive over the whole course of treatment.

Ceramic braces don’t stain but they do have elastic ties that can stain if not cleaned properly. With both metal and ceramic braces, good oral hygiene is optimal. Your orthodontist may also give you a list of foods and drinks that they would like you to avoid. This way, when the braces are removed, there shouldn’t be a discoloration between the tooth and where the brace once was placed.

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