Know the Benefits of Adult Braces

Adults also benefit from braces without the stigma and hassle often associated with realignment.


It is easier to address poor dental alignment during childhood when a person is still growing. However, adults also benefit from braces without the stigma and hassle often associated with realignment.

Improved Health

Although a better appearance is a nice bonus of improved teeth alignment, better overall health—and specifically oral health—should be the main factor in considering braces.

Even if you don’t notice issues now, teeth in need of correction can cause headaches, jaw pain, and other issues. They can wear down prematurely, become chipped, and lead to poor gum health. Crowns often become necessary if a person waits too long to take corrective measures.

Not Your Parents’ Braces

If you imagine your only option is traditional metal braces, put your mind at ease. In the past 20 years, other options such as clear braces and clear aligners have become common and effective forms of dental correction. Braces such as clear aligners:

  • put less stress on teeth, which means minimal discomfort,
  • can be removed temporarily such as at mealtime,
  • which also makes good dental hygiene easier,
  • and give wearers confidence their braces are barely noticeable,
  • all while improving oral health through better alignment.

Other Factors

If you’re considering braces, get all the facts. Dental realignment for adults often comes with challenges. When bones in the mouth harden and quit growing, they don’t respond easily to changes that braces are designed to bring about.  An overbite is a common reason for adult braces, but sometimes there is not enough space left between teeth to improve alignment.

To see if you are a candidate for adult braces, please reach out for a consultation. You may be a great candidate for improved oral health.  

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