Tips on Cleaning the Invisalign Aligners

Just like brushing your teeth, it is important to learn about cleaning the Invisalign retainers since it maintains oral health. First things first, cleaning maintains the invisibility of the aligners. However, if you fail to clean them regularly, you will eventually start noticing stains in the aligners.

Removing The Trays Before Eating

Before everything, it is vital to remove the trays every time you are eating. Otherwise, it will damage as well as stain aligners. Food particles can get stuck in the trays as it gets stuck in your teeth. Once these particles cling to the aligners, they will obviously transfer to your teeth and gum. All these things will provide bacteria and eventually create plaque. It is a sticky film, which clings to the enamel. Brushing your teeth as well as cleaning your enamel helps in removing the plaque.

Leaving it like that will eventually harden the plaque leading to tartar. It is impossible to remove tartar and you will require help from a professional. Not removing tartar from your teeth leads to gingivitis. This gum disease when left alone leads to periodontal disease. Therefore, the best thing you can do is remove the Invisalign trays before eating or drinking.

Clean The Trays While Removing Them

Every time you remove the trays, it is important to clean them thoroughly. If you rinse and soak it in water, it won’t prevent the growth of bacteria from building up. Instead what you can do is, use a clear soap, which will never tint your aligner. You will also get denture cleaners as well as Invisalign cleaning crystals that you can use. All these options can prevent the foul smell from your Invisalign.

Another that you need to keep in mind is not to use hot water for disinfecting the aligners. The reason behind this is aligners are made of thermoplastic material, which can force them to bend if you apply hot water to it. On the other hand, cold water can cause the aligners to contract.

Do Not Forget To Floss And Brush

Food particles can get stuck in your teeth. If you wear trays without even brushing your teeth, it will prevent saliva from washing the particles away. As a result, plaque and bacteria will build up, which will cause oral diseases. While you are wearing Invisalign trays, it is vital to maintain good oral hygiene.

Therefore, before you are putting back the trays, it is better to brush and floss your teeth for better oral hygiene. In this way, you will be able to keep your teeth as well as aligners clean.

Never Make Basic Mistakes

There are certain basic mistakes that you must know to avoid while you are using the clear Invisalign trays. The first thing that you must keep in mind is to never clean the trays using harsh ingredients solution. Another effective tip that you must keep in mind include never to soak the aligners in mouthwash as it can discolor the aligner tray.

Since you have to wear the aligners throughout the day, make sure you are not leaving them out. Finally, the orthodontist recommends not washing the Invisalign in hot or cold water.

Invisalign in Alexandria

Now you have come to know about Invisalign care, you can definitely utilize these tips for cleaning the Invisalign aligners. Keep your teeth and Invisalign clean following these tips. Contact us today for more details!