Guide to Flossing with Braces

Just got braces? It can be difficult to get used to all the things you can and cannot do now that you’re wearing a nifty set of wires. However, it is now more important than ever to ensure you’re flossing on a regular basis.

If you aren’t sure how to get this done, our team at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics have you covered. Here is your guide to flossing with braces.

Traditional Method of Flossing with Braces

Flossing with braces can be difficult with traditional dental floss, but it isn’t totally impossible. To make the most of the process, you’ll want to get in between each tooth and under the metal wires. Be very gentle to keep from pulling too hard or causing pain. Go back and forth from one tooth to another until you’ve finished up. Then, simply toss the floss in the garbage can.

Flossing with a WaterPik

If the thought of flossing with braces scares you a little bit, then you might want to consider using something like a WaterPik. You can choose to use plain water or add a bit of your favorite mouthwash for an extra antibacterial bonus. Place the end of the wand in your mouth, making sure the pressure isn’t too intense. Then use the water to floss between each of your teeth to remove debris.

Check Out a Video

Are you one of those visual learners who has to see how floss when you’re wearing braces in order to understand? That’s okay. We found this great YouTube video to help you out. All you have to do is just follow along with their guide. If necessary, you can always pause it and start again until you get the hang of it.

Perfect Smiles Orthodontics is Here to Help

When you have braces, it is incredibly important to brush and floss as often as you can. This includes after every single meal and snack. The more you practice, the easier it will get. Have more questions about your braces? Our team at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics can help. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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