Going Back to School With Braces

The start of a new school year is a busy time for parents and kids alike—unfortunately, adding a new pair of braces can make it that much more challenging. Sure, braces are like a right of passage, and chances are your son and daughter won’t be the only kid walking around school with them affixed to their teeth. But our team at Perfect Smiles Orthodontics understands that no matter how many of your kids’ friends need orthodontics care, and how important braces are for your child’s dental and oral health, having braces can still be a little stressful.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help your child if he or she is heading back to school with braces.

5 Helpful Tricks for Going Back to School With Braces

1. BYOL (bring your own lunch)

Packing a bagged lunch can help your child avoid the temptation of eating foods that he shouldn’t eat with braces since certain products can harm either the hardware or your kid’s teeth themselves. Foods to avoid include things like gum, nuts, and chips.

2. Keep a Water Bottle Handy

Drinking water keeps your kid hydrated, plus it’s a simple way to periodically rinse out the mouth and make sure food particles and bacteria don’t get stuck between her teeth and her braces.

3. Make a “Braces First Aid Kit”

Your kid can provide basic braces care at school with a simple kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, dental floss, and dental wax.

4. Give Your Kid a Small Mirror

No one wants to walk around school with a piece of food stuck in their teeth or braces! A small pocket mirror or locker mirror allows your kid to subtly check if her teeth and braces are snafu-free after lunchtime.

5. Ask Us About a Mouthguard

If your kid plays sports or participates in gym class, he should definitely use a mouthguard to protect his new braces. A mouthguard keeps your child’s braces, gums, and cheeks safe during physical activity.

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