First Orthodontic Appointment: What to Expect

The first orthodontic appointment can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.


It’s you or your child’s first orthodontist appointment to diagnose or correct misaligned teeth or jaw problems that are negatively affecting chewing food, facial appearance, or may be causing jaw pain. The first orthodontic appointment can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what to expect at your first orthodontic appointment.

Your First Orthodontic Exam

Like any dental appointment at our facility, you will be greeted by our friendly and highly training staff that is ready to put you or your child at ease about this major step toward improving your smile. Once in the orthodontist’s chair, a full set of x-rays and possibly photos are taken for your dental practitioner to help with making a diagnosis.

It is by a visual examination of your teeth, jawline, and gum condition that an orthodontist is able to determine what improvements can be made to your bite pattern, your smile, and/or your jawline. Expect to spend about an hour during this first dental examination.

Questions You May Have

This is the perfect time to ask the professionals any questions you may have about wearing braces or undergoing surgical corrective measures. This first conversation will allow you to get answers to important questions concerning the condition of your teeth and what it will take to make improvements.

If you decide you want to continue with treatments, the orthodontist may order an impression of your teeth to be taken. This 3D model will allow the professional to take time in developing a good plan for going forward. A second appointment will give the orthodontist a chance to explain the details of his findings.

Discuss Treatment Options

You should always expect to have a preliminary discussion of treatment options during your first visit, even if full consultation will take place at a later date. From this first exam, an experienced orthodontist can recommend various dental appliances or dental procedures, such as braces, retainers, or extractions.  If needed to help you make an informed decision, the dental office will have informational brochures that will explain orthodontic treatments in more detail.

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