Do Braces Hurt?

Having straight teeth not only will improve your smile, but also give you a boost of self-confidence. When deciding on making the leap towards a straighter smile, one of the first questions on most people’s minds is, do braces hurt? To help understand the process and what to expect in terms of possible pain, below are a few questions you should ask your orthodontist.

Do Braces Hurt When They’re First Put On?

The one to two-hour process of having braces put on should not cause any type of pain. During the first step, which is putting on the bands, you may feel a bit of pressure when they are being put on, but it will not cause you pain. The next step involves gluing the brackets onto your teeth and then connecting them with the wires and elastic bands. There will be no type of pain at this point, but the glue can leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

After They Are Put On

The first couple of hours after the procedure is complete, you may experience some mild pain and achiness along your gumline or on your teeth. This pain will gradually fade over the next couple of days. This is mostly due to the pressure being applied to straighten your teeth, which you will get used to over time.

Making Adjustments

Throughout the straightening process, you will have to visit your orthodontists every few weeks to have them adjusted. This will usually involve tightening the braces so that the teeth can be moved into the next position and so on until they are where they should be in the mouth. Each time your braces are adjusted, you may experience some pain or soreness for a few days, but this should lessen as the process continues.

Removing Braces

Once you have reached the end of your straightening journey and your braces are removed, you will feel little to no pain during the process. If you do feel slight pain, it will not last past the point that the removal is complete.

While there may be mild discomfort associated with getting braces, it is nothing that should deter you from achieving your dreams of a perfect smile. If you’re in the market for braces and are asking ‘do braces hurt, or have questions about the right treatment for you or your loved one, contact Perfect Smiles Orthodontic to schedule a consultation.

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