Back to the Basics – Guide to Oral Health

Parents are encouraged to work closely with children to help them establish good oral hygiene habits to last a lifetime. Here is our guide to oral care.


It’s National Smile Month

It’s National Smile Month! National Smile Month is the largest and longest-running oral health campaign


Braces-Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats You’ll Love

Valentine is the D-day for love and smiles. Braces cannot stop you from enjoying the day’s treats! Here are some treats that you’ll love!


Choosing the Right Type of Braces for You

If you’re thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment, you’re probably researching the different types of braces to decide which one best suits your needs. Here is some information that will help you choose the right type of braces for you.


When is the Right Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

Starting the process towards a straighter smile can be exciting for the patient, but may also cause some confusion or concern. Fortunately, understanding when you should start orthodontic treatment is relatively straightforward, which may alleviate some nervousness on the part of patients or family members.

Summer Travel Tips for Great Oral Hygiene

Summer Travel Tips for Great Oral Hygiene

Whether you are planning a delightful island vacation or an epic summer road trip, there is one thing for certain: Oral hygiene remains a necessity! Dr. Saleh tells you what you need to know about keeping clean while hitting the road.


How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

Orthodontic treatment refers to the process of aligning crooked or out-of-place teeth in order to achieve a straight-teeth look. Dr. Saleh reviews the process on how orthodontic treatment works.