Can You Get Braces with A Crown?

Both crowns and braces can help perfect your smile and give you healthier teeth, but can they be used together? Since braces are designed to slowly move teeth into an optimal position, learning how they impact crowns and bridges is a must. Your treatment plan may include both items in a specific order to get the results you want.

Can You Get Braces with A Crown?

Braces and crowns can work together, according to MINT orthodontics, but there are some additional concerns if you have existing crowns. Since braces are designed to move your teeth into a new position, your crowns could be damaged as your teeth move. Because of this, it is better to get the braces first whenever possible, then add in any crowns you need.

Working Around Existing Dental Devices

Your team can come up with a plan to work with your existing dental work. If you have veneers or crowns, for example, a different kind of adhesive can be used to attach your braces, making it less likely these surfaces will be damaged as your treatment continues.

Existing crowns and veneers (and other dental devices) require more personalized and individualized treatment plans, but they can work successfully with braces.

Can you get braces with a crown?

Timing is key to a successful combination of braces and crowns,. You should let your orthodontist know if you’ve had a crown or other dental device in the past six months. More recent crowns may require special care when it comes to braces.

Get the Answers you Need

Can you get braces with a crown? The best way to discover how braces will work with a crown is to come into the office for a consultation. We’ll be able to see exactly what existing dental work you have and then come up with a custom treatment plan just for you.

Contact us today to get started to answer your question: “Can you get braces with a crown” and to learn how easy it is to get the smile you want, even if you have existing dental work.

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