3 Braces-Friendly Summer Snacks

Having braces does limit what types of foods you can eat, but don’t let it get you down!

The smile you will have when it is all said and done will be your greatest reward. Summertime is here, so let’s take a look at some yummy summer treats that you can enjoy.

Smooth and Creamy

What would summer be like without ice cream? Smooth, creamy and cold, ice cream is available in so many delicious flavors that the possibilities are endless. Whether you go with rich and chocolatey or sweet strawberry, eating ice cream during the summertime is as American as apple pie. With that being said, be sure to avoid ice cream flavors that contain nuts.

Fresh and Fruity

Now, let’s not forget there are healthy snacks you can eat that are still tasty. Why not treat yourself to a nice, fresh fruit salad? Rich in antioxidants, a fruit salad containing blueberries, oranges, grapes, and raspberries will give you a vitamin-filled punch to energize you throughout your day.

Cool Dairy

Eating cheese is a great way to get your daily protein. Luckily, having braces won’t stop you from being able to eat cheese. String cheese is one option. Cottage cheese is another. Try eating cottage cheese with a slice of fresh pineapple on top.

Braces Tips

No matter what you decide to snack on this summer, choosing these braces-friendly foods will not cause damage. However, keep in mind that if you are eating sweet foods, you should always brush your teeth afterwards. Drinking plenty of water with your food is also recommended. This will help wash away the food stuck in your wires and brackets. Need more advice on what to eat and what not to eat with braces? Your orthodontist can give you perfect advice on how to keep your smile in tip top shape.

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